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Gifts, gifts

Well, have you got all your Christmas essentials together yet? No? Don't worry: you still have a good two weeks! Maybe this year you would like to give your loved ones something more unusual than vouchers, socks, etc.? With our gift tips we give you a few more unusual ideas that will help you fill the space under the Christmas tree in no time. Let's go!

Mixtape Revival

Do you still remember what it was like when you received a specially recorded mixtape from someone? A very individual compilation of loud songs on a specific topic or songs that you associate with this person? You can hardly give a more beautiful and personal gift. So how about a mixtape you put together in the form of a burned CD with a cover you created yourself?

Quality time

Let’s be honest: the most valuable commodity in our hectic times is – time. So why not just give the gift of a little time with your loved ones this year? A wellness day just for your mother and you. An undisturbed candlelight dinner for you and your partner. A picnic in the countryside (or on the living room floor, depending on the outside temperature) where you prepare all the food yourself. I'm sure you can think of more. What might the person receiving the gift particularly like or what did you do a lot in the past that hasn't been available in recent times?

Donate instead of giving

How about you forego gifts in kind this year and donate the planned amount to an organization of your choice? This could be a larger institution, or perhaps the nearest hospice or animal shelter around the corner. You can then exchange ideas on Christmas Eve about which institution you supported with the amount intended for the gift.

Creative Christmas

Why not give something very creative this year? What can you do especially good? Are you a knitting virtuoso? Then knit your loved ones a very individual pair of socks or a scarf. Do you love being in the kitchen? How about homemade jam or a liqueur made from the cherries from your garden? Or are you perhaps musically talented? Write a song for the person receiving the gift! Either way: You can hardly give a more beautiful and personal gift.

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