Genussvoll essen, länger leben

Eat with pleasure, live longer

There are many formulas for a long life. These are often related to our diet. We are often told how we should eat and which foods are best in order to live as long and, above all, healthily as possible: little meat, fat and sugar and lots of whole grain products, fruit and vegetables. But is that alone the secret to a long, healthy life?

Secret weapon enjoyment

The secret of a long life has always fascinated people. In numerous conversations, many people over 100 years old were asked what they ate to get to that age. The statements could hardly be more different. While some ate gruel, home-grown vegetables or fish every day, there were others who feasted on beef steaks, French fries or cheese while smoking like chimneys and drinking whiskey. In fact, genes play a significant role in old age. Experts now estimate their influence at eight to 25 percent. Apart from that, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a long life. But that's not all: if you want to grow old healthily, you must, above all, be able to enjoy yourself. Because: enjoyment keeps you fit. The ability to enjoy, to take time for a meal - and generally the things that are good for you - increase the quality of life, make you happy and have a positive effect on your health. The main thing is to focus on the positive and ask yourself what you need at this exact moment. Unfortunately, these days we are usually too busy to really enjoy the moment. The food often suffers as well. Hand on heart: How often do you eat casually, while standing, running, while watching TV or while sitting in front of the computer?

You can learn to enjoy – tips for enjoyable eating

Enjoyable eating is less about what you eat and more about how you eat. A crucial point is the time you take for meals and the priority that this activity has at that moment. Enjoyable eating doesn't happen under stress or on the side. It requires your full attention. Don't worry, you don't have to celebrate your meals for hours, but during this time you should concentrate fully on what you are doing: eating. In plain language, this means: no smartphone, no television, no magazine, no phone calls or typing. Try to consciously focus on your plate and consciously smell, taste and chew every bite. Also important: take the time you need. Depending on the person, this can be fifteen minutes or an hour. Another tip for enjoyable eating is to consciously decide what is good for you at that exact moment. You had decided to only eat a salad in the evening, but now you feel like you need something substantial, something to warm you up? Or do you have an urgent need to eat your childhood favorite food? Listen to your gut and do it! Let every bite melt in your mouth and celebrate all the emotions and thoughts that come to mind. Many of us have forgotten how to listen to ourselves and our needs. Try to stop every now and then every day and listen to yourself and your body: What do I really need? What is important to me at this exact moment? What would make me happy now?

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