Ganz schön entspannend: Gesichtsmassage für zuhause

Very relaxing: facial massage at home

Mmmmhhh, there's nothing like a relaxing massage. It's just stupid that it's so difficult to massage yourself in most places - unless you happen to be as flexible as a circus acrobat. However, self-massage works wonderfully on the face - and it's also incredibly good. We'll tell you how you can easily do it yourself.

What a facial massage does

Do you know that, too? That feeling of tension around your temples after a long stressful day or after a heated discussion when you frowned a lot? Or tension in the jaw area, which tends to occur in people who grind their teeth at night? Stress first and foremost shows up on our faces - you can literally see the tension. In the form of the famous frown line, for example - that's that one big wrinkle between the eyebrows that appears when we look a little more grim or frown. A facial massage promotes blood circulation, loosens the facial areas and relaxes them again. Our mood improves and we feel more relaxed.

How to do it

Before you start, please clean your face and especially your hands first so that you don't massage yourself with unnecessary dirt. In principle, you can do your self-massage whenever you feel like it, although we would recommend doing it in the evening or when you no longer have any appointments. A massage always stimulates blood circulation, which can lead to longer-lasting redness. Gather your hair so that it doesn't get in the way during the treatment. For smoother movements, you can use a facial oil as a type of massage oil. But be careful not to use too much – less is more here. It's best to work with both hands when massaging; you usually don't need more than two fingers. To get in the mood, you can first start with light strokes and circular movements on the larger areas of the face such as the cheeks or forehead. You can relieve tension on your forehead by massaging in small spiral movements with light pressure from the middle of the forehead outwards to the temples. To counteract the frown lines mentioned above, run your fingers along the line between your eyebrows and down to the bridge of your nose. To loosen the area around the eyes, stroke around the eyebrow bone from the inside out and in the opposite direction with light pressure. Small circular movements on the temples can relieve headaches. After your massage, active ingredients can be absorbed particularly well by the skin, for example in the form of masks such as our Moist Detox Clay Mask.

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