Frisch wie ein Sommermorgen – Moist Liquid Cleanser

Fresh like a summer morning – Moist Liquid Cleanser

Oh happy day: With our Moist Liquid Cleanser you will be kissed awake every morning with an extra portion of freshness! Our three musketeers of freshness ensure this: aloe vera, green tea and watermelon.

Concentrated kick of freshness

The desert lily aloe vera has it all! It moisturizes, makes the skin supple and supports the formation of collagen. Your skin becomes more elastic and looks fresher and younger. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, strengthens the skin's defenses and gives it fresh vitality. Watermelon, on the other hand, binds water and supplies your skin with vitamins A, C and the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. With concentrated triple power, they hydrate your skin and give you that pleasant feeling of jumping into a cool lake on a hot summer day. Fresh, Fresher, Moist Liquid Cleanser.

The thirst quencher for your skin

Dry skin? None! In contrast to many other washing gels, the Moist Liquid Cleanser does not dry out your skin, but rather moisturizes it. Your skin is intensively cared for by marula oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and provitamin B5 and your skin barrier receives additional support at the same time.

No skin-damaging fragrances

Already knew? We consciously avoid all fragrances in all of our products as they can cause long-term damage to your skin. Many fragrances, including natural ones, can trigger contact allergies in people. This doesn't have to happen immediately. The problem is that intolerances can develop very slowly, sometimes over years, without you noticing it immediately. Pigmentation disorders can also be a result of perfumed cosmetics.

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