Frauen als Unternehmensgründer? Yes, please!

Women as company founders? Yes, please!

Admittedly, a lot has happened in the last few decades when it comes to emancipation, especially in the world of work. But even if there are now all things like equal opportunities officers or quotas for women in management positions, we are still miles away from equal rights for women and men. On average, women still earn significantly less than men - even with the same or higher work performance. For this reason, it is particularly important to us to specifically promote women in working life so that they can profitably use their skills there. Our small team at Atina Cosmetics consists primarily of concentrated female power who “rocks the place” in the background with skill, energy and passion. Are you also thinking about starting your own business or even starting your own cosmetics brand? Anita Yabo, the founder of Atina Cosmetics, may be able to help you here. She offers various coaching packages in this area. You can find more information about this at . We look forward to your message!

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