Fokus verändern: Wie Du in allem das Positive finden kannst

Changing focus: How to find the positive in everything

Let's face it, there are times when we tend to find it a little harder to see the light in the dark. One thing is clear: negative thoughts, sadness, anger or frustration also have their place and can and must be felt. But: Permanent pessimism is not good for us. It paralyzes us, makes us sleep poorly and can even affect our health. It also influences the mood of the people around us. Focusing on the positive can help you escape negative thought spirals. Don't get us wrong: it's not about sugarcoating things. The aim is much more to direct the focus, despite all external circumstances, to the beauty that is present but is often simply not noticed. Essentially, we are tricking our brains. This is because it is unable to perceive its surroundings as a whole and therefore only perceives things selectively, i.e. in parts. Some things are deliberately hidden and others are brought into focus. The trick is to focus on the positive things in particularly difficult times and ignore the negative things.

Good vibes can be learned

For many people, their attitude is a question of character: for some people, the glass is basically half full rather than half empty. But to a certain extent you can learn a positive perspective. No matter what situation you find yourself in, beautiful things happen - you just notice them consciously. First, make it clear to yourself that in most cases you cannot change the circumstances through negative thoughts. The world doesn't get better or worse if you indulge in dark thoughts. But you can make YOU feel better through an optimistic perspective. You can be fine, even if you feel like it might feel wrong at the moment. A very simple but effective exercise is to write down all the good things that happened to you during the day. These can be little things, such as the neighbor who smiled so nicely at you today, the sunrise that you were able to watch or the bus driver who waited for you until you got to the stop. You'll be surprised at how many things you'll come up with. You may find it a little difficult to find nice events at the beginning. But the more often you do this, the easier it will be for you to recognize positive things straight away - and to appreciate them.

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