Fenty Skin die neue Hautpflege-Linie von Rihanna

Fenty Skin, Rihanna's new skin care line

Not only die-hard Rihanna fans should mark July 31, 2020 in their calendars. Her new skin care line Fenty Skin is scheduled to launch on this day. A move that seems to be further evidence of her many talents. In addition to her work as a singer, actress and designer, the 32-year-old is also an extremely successful entrepreneur. After successfully launching her beauty line Fenty Beauty, she is now launching her new skin care products under the Fenty Skin brand at the end of July.

It reportedly includes both soaps and personal care products, as well as accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.

According to the singer, the new products are intended to set completely new standards in this segment. A great promise that takes the already high expectations of the new line to another level, as Fenty Beauty has successfully established itself on the market. What stands out about Fenty Beauty is the neutrality of the products in terms of skin color and gender. The color spectrum of the foundations includes a total of 50 shades and offers a large selection, especially to people with darker skin tones.

We're pretty sure Rihanna will be a hit with Fenty Skin too, since she's turned everything she's touched into gold.

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