Ernährung für schöne Haut

Nutrition for beautiful skin

We cream, we exfoliate, we massage – we do so many things to show off our skin at its best. But did you also know that your diet can do a huge amount to give your skin a radiant and healthy appearance. In fact, it is not for nothing that it is said that true beauty comes from within. We'll tell you which foods are particularly suitable for this.


Avocados are not only extremely healthy in general, but also a real power food for our skin. The unsaturated fatty acids it contains provide the top layer of skin with a lot of moisture. Avocados also contain a lot of vitamin E. This helps against wrinkles but also protects against UV radiation. In addition, the fruit provides vitamin C, which helps our skin form collagen. This keeps them nice and elastic. Apart from that, avocados lower cholesterol levels, are good for the eyes, make our joints less susceptible to arthritis and help against diabetes. So there are many reasons to regularly treat yourself to one of the delicate fruits.


Walnuts are a real gift of autumn. Because they are not only incredibly tasty, but also contain a lot of zinc. This has both an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and thus supports the wound healing of our skin and strengthens it. In addition, pantothenic acid ensures smooth skin.


Most berries contain a lot of vitamin C. This is not only incredibly healthy, but also improves the elasticity of the skin. In addition, the antioxidants in the berries protect our cells from free radicals. They are also a real secret weapon in the anti-aging mission as they counteract skin aging. In addition, they hardly contain any calories - so you can get plenty of them with a clear conscience.


Carrots not only contain many carotenoids that keep the skin young, but also ensure a fresh complexion. So that your body can absorb all the nutrients, you should always eat the root vegetables in combination with some fat such as butter or oil.


Tomatoes are another miracle cure for the skin, as they contain many carotenoids, similar to carrots. These not only counteract skin aging, but also give you a fresh look. In addition, regular consumption of tomatoes protects against exposure to the sun. Although it does not replace the use of sunscreen, it does in fact provide you with a sun protection factor of around four and thus improves your basic protection. So: always eat nice pasta Napoli!


May we introduce: broccoli or the green miracle. Like many other green vegetables, broccoli has lots of vitamin B and therefore relieves small inflammations, ensures a fresh complexion and healthy skin.


We all know that drinking lots of water is healthy. If possible, we should consume two liters a day to keep ourselves healthy. But did you also know that water has an influence on our skin? Just half a liter a day improves blood circulation in our skin and activates its metabolism so that it is supplied with more oxygen. Our skin looks much fresher and plumper with sufficient fluid intake.

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