Entspannung pur – Kopfmassage

Pure relaxation – head massage

Mmmhhh...a well-performed head massage provides immediate relaxation and can also help against headaches. Many people have probably enjoyed a little massage like this while visiting the hairdresser while washing their hair. The advantage is that you can easily do it yourself. We'll explain how it works.

What it does

As with all other massages, the stimulating pressure and stroking movements stimulate blood circulation. A head massage has a relaxing effect, reduces stress and, when done correctly, we feel like a new person afterwards. In addition, massaging our head can increase concentration and help with headaches. There are many points on our ears, head and face that have an influence on our organism. Similar to foot reflexology massage, certain regions can be addressed by stimulating certain points.

It's all in your head

A massage of your ears sets the self-healing process in motion. To do this, fold your ear cups back and forth a few times before carefully pulling them out in all directions and finally massaging them between your thumb and forefinger. For your personal head massage, work your entire scalp in circular movements with your fingertips. Even pulling your hair gently can be very relaxing. If you have a headache, a direct massage of the affected points often helps. To do this, press the affected areas in circular movements with the fingertips of your middle and ring fingers.

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