Entschleunigung: Wieder zu sich selbst finden

Deceleration: Find yourself again

Do your best always and everywhere. Deliver full performance. Constantly trying to balance job, family, friends and hobbies. We all certainly know the feeling of being on a hamster wheel. Moments when we rush through our lives, feeling stressed and trying to please everyone else. But your own needs fall by the wayside. Every now and then we need a little breather by stopping and just concentrating on ourselves.

The magic word is deceleration.

Shift down a gear

In our society, it is generally considered desirable to achieve above-average results. We admire those who seem to effortlessly master all the externally assigned tasks of their lives. But: Their day also only has 24 hours, and usually one crucial factor falls by the wayside: you yourself. You act under someone else's control instead of yourself. A permanent life in the fast lane inevitably leads to physical and mental overload at some point.

Deceleration can help, the opposite of acceleration.

But this doesn't mean just slowing down everything, but rather paying conscious attention to the processes in your everyday life and checking whether they are good for you.

Awareness of what you are doing

Time is one of our most valuable assets. This not only means our work time, but also our free time. Leisure stress. How often do we tend to cram more and more activities into our day. How often do we use every free minute we have to “quickly answer an email”, check social media channels, eat something, make a phone call or watch TV. Multitasking has become a given without any need for it.

The goal of slowing down is to give time more quality than quantity - and thus achieve a better quality of life.

Life in the here and now

Focus on what you are doing in the moment and be aware of your surroundings. Feel the wind blowing through your hair as you walk. Enjoy the smell of the first coffee in the morning. Feel the warmth of the warm water in the shower or the comfort of a cozy blanket on the sofa.

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