Entgiften und Wohlfühlen – Detox für zuhause

Detoxify and feel good – detox at home

A detox treatment is a great way to completely cleanse your entire organism. It cleanses you of pollutants that have accumulated over time and relieves pressure on your entire body. The great thing about it: You don't have to go to an expensive wellness hotel for efficient results - you can easily do it at home. Just three days are enough to give your body a little break.

What is Detox?

The term detox comes from the English “detoxification” and means nothing other than detoxification. The body should be freed from harmful substances and purified through various deacidification measures. At the same time, digestion is relieved and your mind and soul also benefit. You feel lighter, more balanced and healthier, your batteries are charged and you have enough power for everyday life. The biggest pillar of a detox treatment is nutrition. Other important pillars are exercise and relaxation.

Effects of detox

The aim of a detox treatment is to bring the acid-base balance in our body back into harmony. Too much acid is harmful to health and well-being and can lead to fatigue, headaches, heartburn or skin blemishes.

Through regular detoxification treatments, you help your body eliminate excess acids and regenerate. At the same time, a detox treatment relieves strain on the intestines and metabolism.

How detox works

The basis of a detox treatment is an alkaline, plant-based diet that relieves the body and at the same time supplies it with all essential nutrients. For this reason, you should completely avoid acidic foods such as meat, wheat and sugar during your treatment. In fact, it would be best to eat a completely vegan diet during the treatment, i.e. omitting all animal foods such as cheese, milk and eggs. You should also stay away from recreational drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. However, where you can let off steam without inhibitions is on your tea shelf (but without adding sugar!) and your water bottles: Drink as much as you can, ideally at least two liters a day.

Holistic detoxification

Of course, diet plays a big role in a detox treatment. And you will definitely lose a few pounds during the treatment. But it is much more than just a type of “diet” or a form of losing weight, as many portals suggest. Rather, it should be viewed as a holistic detoxification in which you should be sensitized to how your body feels and your needs. Therefore, regular exercise is also part of a comprehensive treatment. It clears your head, promotes the removal of toxins and maintains and stimulates your muscles. What you do doesn't really matter. These can be more intensive training sessions as well as walks in the fresh air. The main thing is that you enjoy it and it's good for you. Really consider this time as me-time and try, if possible, to forego all the things that otherwise only distract you and distract you from yourself and your inner life, such as smartphones, television, etc.

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