Dufttherapie im Alltag

Fragrance therapy in everyday life

Do you know that? You come into a stairwell that smells of freshly baked apple pie and you immediately remember an afternoon with your grandmother? Or do you feel more refreshed and alert after sucking a mint? Scents have an enormous influence on our mood, evoking emotions and memories. The great thing: We can use smells specifically to put ourselves in the state of mind we want to be in. Scents can relieve you of headaches, relieve anxiety or help you fall asleep. So there are many reasons to delve deeper into the topic.

How scents affect us

When you smell a flower, the scent goes directly to the brain through your nose. The nervous system is stimulated, hormones are released and our mood is immediately influenced. The reason: smells affect the limbic system. This is the part of the brain that influences our emotions and makes associations arise. The smell of freshly mown grass reminds us of last spring's picnic, the smell of coffee reminds us of a cozy Sunday morning. We associate tangerines with Christmas, lavender with holidays in the south of France. As you can see, scents have an enormous effect on us. The great thing about it is that we can activate this function specifically. You can consciously create or influence moods with certain smells. The spectrum covers the entire range: scents can have a calming or activating effect, release happiness hormones or eliminate a bad mood. Vanilla has an aphrodisiac, uplifting and warming effect, whereas lemon and orange refresh, invigorate and brighten the mood. Lavender, on the other hand, has a relaxing effect, while eucalyptus has a refreshing effect and can help with colds.

Sensual scent moments for every day

There are various options available to you so that you can gift yourself with the scent experiences that exactly suit your needs. In your own four walls, it is particularly easy to quickly envelop your home with the aroma of your choice thanks to scent diffusers, oil lamps or room sprays. In the bathroom, you can create the desired ambience with bath additives or a fragrant massage oil. For little fragrant moments on the go, drip a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil onto a handkerchief and put it in a small bag that you simply pull out of your pocket when needed. You can also adapt the perfume to your daily mood.

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