Digital Detox: Weg mit dem Smartphone

Digital Detox: Get rid of your smartphone

As is well known, joy and suffering are close together. And as practical as it is to be available anytime, anywhere and have access to all sorts of things, constant online mode can also turn into stress at some point. It's not for nothing that you keep coming across the term digital detox, the conscious avoidance of smartphones, tablets, etc.

When digital life becomes a compulsion

Let’s be honest – most of us are somewhat screen dependent. We search in Google instead of books. We write WhatsApps instead of postcards. We order online instead of buying ourselves. We stream, we scroll and we type our way through the day, wasting a lot of time and our thoughts are always somewhere else. Leaving the house with a nearly empty battery puts us in a panic. We keep interrupting what we're doing to check our cell phones and are glued to the screen almost non-stop. It is a symbolic image of our time that two people sit opposite each other at the table and stare at their smartphones rather than talk to each other. A behavior that, although widespread, is anything but healthy. Studies show that constantly using your smartphone can cause stress and make you dissatisfied. Digital Detox is a kind of detoxification from being online all the time, a break to find inner peace and to become independent from the digital world for a while.

Tips for the digital detox

A radical renunciation overnight would certainly be possible, but probably not feasible in the long term. Being completely “without” is not the goal either. It's more about taking small steps here and there to find the right balance when using your cell phone. The following tips can help you. Give it a try!

Check the current status

It's often the bare numbers that make you realize how dependent you are on your smartphone. Do you know how much time you actually spend in front of the screen and, above all, what exactly? Your own screen time can often be frightening, but it makes you realize how many hours a day you really spend on your phone.

Schedule fixed times

Set fixed times when you check your emails and social media accounts. The rest of the time, if possible, it is best to store the device out of sight so that you do not constantly have it in front of your eyes and are not even tempted to take a look at it.

Set to airplane mode

Get into the habit of turning off your phone or putting it on airplane mode at a certain time, such as from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. As a rule, you don't have to be available while you sleep ;)

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