Diese Inhaltsstoffe können bei Pigmentflecken helfen

These ingredients can help with pigment spots

Although pigment spots are generally harmless, many people find them annoying. Especially if you are predisposed to the increased formation of pigment spots, there are some ingredients that can help prevent or reduce the formation of further spots.

AHA fruit acid peels

Fruit acid ensures that too much melanin does not form in the skin. In addition, the active ingredient ensures a better appearance of the skin, as the acid removes dead skin cell layers. The new skin cells ensure firmer skin and wrinkles are smoothed out.

vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only a true booster for our immune system, but also for our skin! The vitamin protects the skin from UV radiation and inhibits excessive melanin formation.

Acetyl Glucosamine

The active ingredient acetyl glucosamine can also be helpful in preventing pigment spots. It prevents activation of the enzyme tyrosinase, which in turn inhibits the formation of melanin in a domino effect. The result: pigment spots disappear.


The use of niacinamide can achieve particularly good results, especially in combination with the previous active ingredient, acetyl glucosamine. Niacinamide ensures that the transfer of melanin into the cells of the top layers of the skin is prevented.

Sun protection

UV rays are the main reason for the development of hyperpigmentation. For this reason, you should use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor when staying in the sun, on the one hand to inhibit the formation of further pigment spots and on the other hand to prevent existing hyperpigmentation from becoming even darker.

Ingredients that should not be used

In addition to the active ingredients mentioned above, which can be very helpful in preventing and reducing pigment spots, there are also some ingredients that have been used in this area for a long time, but whose use is now discouraged.

Hydroquinone and Arbutin

Hydroquinone has long been considered a particularly effective and gentle active ingredient to counteract hyperpigmentation. Doctors are now warning against the use of hydroquinone because it can cause skin irritation and has a carcinogenic effect. For this reason, the use of hydroquinone has been banned in the EU since 2001. But be careful: In order to circumvent this ban, the cosmetics industry is sometimes very imaginative and uses arbutin in its preparations instead. However, arbutin is an active ingredient that in turn releases hydroquinone. For this reason, you should always take a close look at the composition of cosmetic products.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid is also an active ingredient that should not be used on pigment spots. There are indications that bleach has a harmful effect on health

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