Die richtige Haarpflege im Sommer

The right hair care in summer

Summer, sun, salt and chlorine – what is so good for us and our soul during the warm months can be quite stressful for our hair. The result: dull, dull and dry hair. Conversely, does this mean that we have to hide our heads under a hat all day during the summer?

Of course not!

With the right care, your hair will stay supple, healthy and stunningly beautiful even during the hot months.

The right summer care for your hair

Our hair consists of around 15 percent water. Stress such as increased exposure to sunlight, salt or chlorinated water removes moisture and creates the dreaded stressed and strawy look. So if you want to do something good for your hair during the summer months, you should make sure you moisturize it adequately. Rich oils such as those from almonds or macadamia nuts nourish and at the same time contain regenerating antioxidants for stressed hair. Fluids that supply your head with keratin and seal the ends of your hair are also the right choice for summer hair care. Even though jumping into the sea or pool is probably one of the most beautiful activities in summer, chlorine and salt water are among the things that put the most strain on your hair. Therefore, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after your bath.

Cloths or sun hats protect you from direct UV radiation, and you can also use special UV sprays.

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