Die Kunst, Dinge annehmen zu können

The art of being able to accept things

Faith moves mountains. Anyone who gives up has already lost. Until the bitter end. All of these sayings you are probably familiar with propagate one thing: don't give up! Basically, we think this attitude is good and correct. We are also pursuing a dream with our company Atinacosmetics - and if we had given up at the first stumbling blocks, we wouldn't be where we are today and wouldn't be able to do what we love. In most cases it's worth fighting for. However, there are also situations in which constant fighting can make you sick. For example, things that simply cannot be changed. Which, as unfair as it may sound, are what they are. Traffic jam. A serious illness in a friend or family circle. Being abandoned by your partner. Your own body size. A global pandemic. Sometimes it's not us who are pulling the strings. A constant fight against a situation that you (unfortunately) cannot influence also means constant stress. This is why it is important to be able to accept certain things and just accept them. This is the only way you can become more relaxed in the long term – and happier.

What’s worth fighting for – and what’s not

It's been drilled into us from a young age: Don't give up! Keep doing! Fight! And fundamentally we also believe that something is worth fighting for. However, this should be a fight where there is at least the slightest possibility of winning. Anything else just robs you of precious energy that you could put into other things. Something that you can also influence. So think carefully about whether your persistence in a particular cause is worth it in the long run, or whether it just makes you unhappy. It's not a sign of weakness to admit this to yourself. Accepting things as they are is not the same as giving up or doing nothing. On the contrary, this insight is a sign of wisdom and greatness. The hardest part is determining when it's worth continuing and when it's not. Ask yourself the following questions: How long have I been fighting for this and have my efforts so far achieved anything? Do I really believe that I can do something to change the situation? Have I tried different methods? Am I doing well or do I feel bad, weak and drained?

More serenity through acceptance

Acceptance is not always easy. And it doesn't mean that you like something just because you accept it. Coming to terms with the fact that your relationship failed doesn't mean you're happy about it. You give the situation the space to be there in this exact moment and deal with the fact that it is what it is. You come to terms with a situation. If you stop trying to fight against everything, you will become more relaxed, content and happy and can focus your energy on the things that you can actually influence and that are good for you.

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