Der AHA-Effekt für Deine Haut – AHA Fruchtsäurepeelings

The AHA effect for your skin – AHA fruit acid peels

It sounds like a light bulb has just dawned on you - and with regular use, they actually make your skin glow. We're talking about AHA fruit acid peels and they are actually a real booster for your skin.

Fruit acids are in fact what their name suggests: They are natural acids found in fruit and other plants, more precisely alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHA for short. They can be obtained from various sources, such as lemons (citric acid), apples (malic acid) or grapes and sugar cane (glycolic acid). The acids most commonly used in cosmetics are glycolic and lactic acid.

Fruit acid peels are considered a real secret weapon for radiantly beautiful skin.

When used regularly, they combat clogged pores, wrinkles, dry skin and also pigment spots.

You will feel the effect of fruit acid peels as soon as you apply them: your skin will start to tingle a little! But don't worry, this is completely normal and should be so - it's a sign that the peeling is already working hard to renew your skin. During an AHA peeling, the acid penetrates the top layer of skin and removes all the dead skin cells that make our skin look dry and tired. If these are removed, the skin not only immediately looks much fresher, but the active ingredients of subsequent treatments with serums and creams can now be absorbed much better by the skin. A result that can literally be seen and felt!

But an AHA peeling can do even more: small wrinkles and even pigment spots can be reduced by using fruit acid peelings.

Your complexion appears fresher, your skin texture more even, your pores become finer and your skin clearer. A real miracle cure.

Depending on the acid concentration, you can use your fruit acid peeling either by a specialist (your trusted dermatologist or beautician) or at home. All peelings with a concentration between 5 and 15% can be used in your own bathroom. Important: The peeling effect only starts at a concentration of 5%, so you should make sure that your care product has at least this acid content. For all products whose fruit acid content is over 15%, you should let a professional do the work, otherwise there is a risk of chemical burns.

Since your skin can usually be a little red immediately after an AHA peeling, you should use it in the evening, ideally right before going to bed. In addition, it is mandatory to pay careful attention to sun protection during the day after application.

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