Deine Haut und Dein Zyklus

Your skin and your cycle

The female cycle consists of exactly 28 days. During this period, hormones can occasionally go crazy. Mood swings, water retention or food cravings are typical side effects that women have to deal with every month. It's pretty nasty, but it's generally well known. But did you know that the skin also goes through different phases during the cycle and that the skin's appearance can change during this? But don't worry, to avoid major disasters, skin care can be adapted to the cycle. We'll tell you how it works and what you need to pay attention to.

The four phases of the cycle

Within the female cycle, your body goes through exactly four phases: the menstrual phase, the follicular phase, the ovulation phase (this is where ovulation takes place) and the luteal phase. In each of these phases you have a different hormone level, which is noticeable on the one hand in your mood and on the other hand on your skin.

Menstrual phase: 1st to 5th day

At the beginning of menstruation, your hormone levels are at their lowest. This is noticeable in different ways. On the one hand, your skin is significantly more sensitive than usual during this period and, on the other hand, it is usually a little drier. This is because sebum production here is on the back burner. Your skin primarily lacks moisture. Treat your sensitive and dry skin to mild cleansing products and intensive moisturizing care. This can be using a suitable face cream or a moisturizing mask. However, you should stay away from experimenting with new products in this phase. They could further irritate your already sensitive skin. During this period, rely more on tried and tested methods.

Follicular phase: 6th to 12th day

The so-called follicular phase begins on the sixth day. Your estrogen level will slowly rise again, which you will probably notice on your skin quite quickly. Now is a good time for a gentle fruit acid peeling that will remove dead skin cells from your skin and make it shine.

Ovulation phase: 13th to 18th day

In the ovulation phase, not only does your ovulation take place, it is also during this period that your estrogen level reaches its absolute peak. Your skin now looks fantastic and appears particularly fresh and healthy, is plump and has hardly any impurities. The pregnancy hormone progesterone also ensures a tight collagen structure, so you hardly have to worry about your skin during this phase.

Luteal phase: 19th to 28th day

We are nearing the end of the cycle. In this home stretch, the estrogen level drops rapidly and, in contrast, sebum production is boosted again. In this phase you are more likely to get pimples and blackheads. To prevent this from happening, you should clean your skin particularly thoroughly during this phase. When using washing lotions, make sure that they are pH-neutral so as not to harm the natural acid mantle. A mild exfoliation immediately before your period helps prevent clogged pores.

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