Dein Beauty-Tag in den eigenen vier Wänden

Your beauty day in your own four walls

Relax, take care of yourself and pamper yourself from head to toe with a very personal beauty day. We all dream about that, right? Good news: You don't need an expensive spa stay because you can easily do it at home.

Make yourself comfortable

Put yourself in the right mood right from the start and make sure that you are well and feel good: sleep in, have a long and hearty breakfast, put on comfortable clothes, play your favorite music, put up candles. Make sure you are undisturbed for a few hours. Put your phone on silent and just be unreachable. Today you can do it like Pippi Longstocking: I make the world the way I like it. This day belongs only to you!

Selfmade Home Spa – relaxation and care

Yes, of course: we always preach that we tend to avoid bathing and take a shower instead. But today you can go all out! Start your beauty day with a relaxing full bath. This relaxes you, loosens your muscles and prepares your nails for subsequent care. However, make sure that the water is not too hot. To avoid drying out your skin too much, you can enrich the bath water with moisturizing oils. If you feel like it, you can also massage your skin in circular movements with a peeling glove. This stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and makes your skin beautifully rosy. Meanwhile, you can give your hair intensive care with a hair treatment. After 15 to 20 minutes at the latest, you should get out of the tub, otherwise your skin would be too softened. Then carefully but thoroughly pat yourself dry and apply a moisturizing lotion.

Selfmade Home Spa – Nails

After your bath, your toenails and fingernails are perfectly prepared for manicures and pedicures. The delicate cuticles in particular can now be pushed back particularly gently and the nails are now soft and can be wonderfully shortened. When you're done with your nail care, you can finish it off with your favorite nail polish.

Selfmade Home Spa – facial care

Next is your face. Treat your skin to a gentle but thorough AHA fruit acid peeling. It penetrates the top layer of skin and
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