Date for One – Auszeit für Dich

Date for One – time out for you

The most valuable commodity in our hectic society is: time. So why not give yourself the gift of time - with the person who knows you best, your inner Siamese twin, your all-time partner in crime: yourself!

Carpe diem – but how?

Do something that would otherwise be neglected. Use the time to do something that is good for you and don't waste it on empty time wasters. Be unavailable: Leave your cell phone at home or put it in airplane mode. No appointments, no obligations, no rush, no stress - today's motto is “me, myself and I”.

Ideas for your me time

Do you have a lot of time for yourself, but no ideas about what to do with it? No problem, we have a few hot tips for you.

It's cooking time

Is there something you've always wanted to cook but haven't had the opportunity or your partner doesn't like the ingredients? Great, now is exactly the moment to try out your personal soul food. Celebrate the whole process like a ritual: choose the recipe in peace, write a shopping list, go to the supermarket and choose the ingredients in peace, put on your favorite music while cooking... You don't cook to cook, but because you want it and it’s good for you.

The spa is yours

Wellness is always possible, right? A relaxing full bath (don't forget to moisturise and moisturize afterwards!), a face mask, hair care, manicure, pedicure - and maybe a small glass of champagne?

Learn something new

Have you always wanted to get an insight into video editing, learn to play “Für Elise” on the piano or try out sun salutations? Thanks to YouTube & Co., there is now nothing that doesn't exist in the area of ​​e-learning - most of it is even free.

Let yourself drift

Sometimes the best things happen when you have no plans. Just let yourself drift into the day, swim with the wave and see where it takes you.

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