Behind the scene: Wenn alles anders kommt, als geplant

Behind the scene: When everything turns out differently than planned

Firstly, everything turns out differently and secondly, than you think. You can plan as much as you want, structure and prepare yourself as well as possible. And then there are situations that you didn't expect before, but which suddenly throw everything overboard. Something similar happened to us in December shortly before the launch of our new products. The launch date for our washing gel and mask, which had been set for months, was suddenly in jeopardy or was completely unclear due to delivery delays from our contract manufacturer. All of our great planning suddenly came to naught and we didn't even know for sure whether the launch could still take place this year. How do you react to such unexpected situations? In this case, we had no choice but to remain patient and positive (and make many, many phone calls ;)) and lo and behold: we were actually able to launch both products in December with a little delay.
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