Behind the Scene: Ein Tag bei Atina Cosmetics

Behind the Scene: A day at Atina Cosmetics

We are currently in a particularly hot phase: the launch of our new washing gel and our new mask are imminent. Before a product goes on sale, it must of course be tested extensively. For this purpose, the test subjects' data is recorded, before-and-after comparisons are examined and the testers' feedback is evaluated. During this phase there is also a constant, intensive exchange with cosmetics and packaging manufacturers. If this were enough effort for one product, you can imagine how much work it would take to launch two products. “In addition,” customer inquiries are processed and the full presence on our homepage and all social media channels is handled. And that alone requires a lot of time and effort. For all areas, interesting topics are researched, editorial plans are drawn up and coordinated one to two months in advance. As soon as the blog topics are fixed, they have to be written, designed and published. Videos have to be shot and content planned and all channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook have to be filled regularly!

Sounds like a lot to do? It is!

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important to define precise workflows so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done by when and when the next person will take over the ball. What is particularly important here are clear processes and a fixed distribution of tasks. Our small team works hand in hand with the help of small, useful tools that make our work a little easier.

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