Be a Silver Star - Pflege für graues Haar

Be a Silver Star - care for gray hair

When that happens is a question of genes, but sooner or later we will get it. We're talking about gray hair. At some point our body stops producing the melanocytes, which are responsible for the color pigmentation of our hair. Sooner or later it will lose its hair color and turn gray. But beautiful, well-groomed hair is not a question of age or color: even gray hair can still look shiny and well-groomed, it just needs the right care. With our tips you will become a Silver Star.

Shiny and supple hair at any age

As we age, not only the color of our hair changes, but also its structure. It often becomes thinner and drier, losing density and elasticity. A different texture requires different care, so you should care for your gray hair differently than you may have been used to when you were younger.

Above all, you should pay attention to intensive moisturizing care. Use shampoos and conditioners that moisturize dry hair. As additional care, you can also regularly use a moisturizing treatment or hair oils.

When washing, avoid water that is too hot and hot air from a hairdryer, as these also dry out the hair.

Avoid yellow cast

Gray hair tends to take on an unsightly yellow tinge from time to time. Unfortunately, the exact reason for this is not known, but there are ways you can avoid it. Shampoos or conditioners that contain a small amount of blue dye gently neutralize yellow tones and provide radiant silver reflections.

Dye your hair – do it right

While gray hair was frowned upon a few years ago, more and more people are embracing their silver mane. But even if you don't get used to your new hair color and would rather dye it, there are a few points you should keep in mind. Since we are now working with a very light background, the colors come out much more intensely. So if you want to dye your gray hair yourself, you shouldn't just rely on the picture on the packaging. Coloring on gray hair often appears much stronger than shown on the packaging. In order to avoid coloring accidents, if in doubt, you should have the coloring done by a professional.

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