Autogenes Training – Entspannung für Körper und Seele

Autogenic training – relaxation for body and soul

Stress makes you sick. At least in the long term. It affects our mood, puts a strain on our body and soul, makes us sleep poorly and can also affect the appearance of our skin. Unfortunately, there are phases in life in which stress cannot be avoided: a time-consuming project at work, exam time during training, problems with your partner or family or general trouble in your immediate surroundings. At some point, we all get into situations that stress us out and literally strain our skin and hair. Especially then it is important to find methods with which you can always create small islands of relaxation and at least briefly relax. Because even if we can't change the situation itself, we can still try to find ways to deal with it better. One such way could be autogenic training, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail below.

The power of thoughts

Autogenic training is a form of relaxation therapy in which you use your thoughts and imagination to reduce tension in your body and find peace. In principle, you can imagine that you are putting yourself into a kind of self-hypnosis using healthy thoughts (autosuggestion). In fact, our thoughts have enormous power over our bodies; our health can improve enormously through our imagination, our faith and our positive thinking alone. Many reports show that in many people just taking placebos caused reactions in the body similar to those of real drugs. The power of our thoughts is enormous.

How autogenic training works

Autogenic training is usually carried out while sitting or lying down. The basics include exercises with which you learn to concentrate on your breathing and imagine how your arms, legs and your entire body gradually become warm and heavy. The individual exercises only take a few minutes. To learn the technique, it is recommended to carry out the first sessions using an exercise CD or a YouTube video and to practice this for several days in a row. Once you are more familiar with the exercises, you can slowly try them on your own. Don't worry, there is no right or wrong. What matters is that you feel good about it. A fundamentally positive effect occurs when you feel more relaxed and satisfied after a session. With regular use, you will notice that tensions are relieved and you sleep more peacefully. Because the exercises are relatively short, you can in principle incorporate them into your daily rhythm again and again: shortly after waking up, while you're still in bed or before you fall asleep, during your lunch break, during the train ride. Just try it out and tell us about your experiences.

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