Arbeiten im Flow – unsere Lieblingstools

Working in flow – our favorite tools

We like to work. And we much prefer working together as a team. Our primary goal is to design our workflow so that our processes run as smoothly as possible. Our focus is on working in a structured manner and constantly optimizing the processes. On the one hand, this only works with a committed and reliable team - without the appropriate manpower, pardon me, womanpower, we probably wouldn't even be half as good as we are today.

On the other hand, our work also benefits from the numerous little electronic helpers that make working together much easier. Our three favorite tools that we primarily work with are the programs Slack, Asana and Google Drive, which we would like to describe to you in more detail below. The team program Slack offers you a platform on which you can, in principle, carry out your teamwork completely.

You can communicate with each other and exchange data, make phone calls and integrate various apps or even write memos yourself. The various task areas (channels) that can be created on Slack are extremely practical. For example, communication on a specific topic, such as “marketing,” could only take place on this channel, while all agreements on “finance” would only appear in this channel.

In this way, communication takes place exactly where it belongs and no message gets lost in the huge topical hubbub. What is also practical here is that the respective group of people can be put together individually for each channel, so that only those people receive the information that really concerns them.

This procedure ensures that all team members are always on the same page. Asana, in turn, is a great tool for organizing your project management. Here, tasks can be set and assigned to individual employees, deadlines can be created and reminded of them. Like a to-do list, tasks can be checked off after they have been completed.

Google Drive as the third partner in crime acts as our cloud that we use to store all of our data. Which tools do you use to optimize your workflow? We are looking forward to your experiences!

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