Apps zu Stressreduktion

Apps to reduce stress

We all know them, those days when everything seems to be going over your head. How nice it would be to have a little relaxation oasis every now and then where you can relax and literally blow away the stress. Wait a minute, isn't there an app like that? There is! Relaxation at the push of a button, is that possible? It would definitely be nice, and there are now some apps that promise exactly that. We would like to introduce you to some of them.


The name already suggests that this app is supposed to have a calming effect. It was even named Apple's App of the Year in 2017 and received Google's Editors' Choice award in 2018. Whether to help you meditate, to help you fall asleep better or to simply relax - Calm makes all of this possible, according to its description. Guided meditations, breathing exercises, stories and calming mood images should help. Users always particularly emphasize the pleasant female voice that guides you through the exercises.


With the help of this app, you can achieve greater peace and well-being in just 7 minutes a day with the help of guided meditation. In addition, at 7Mind you will find mind journeys, sounds, sleep stories and relaxation exercises. The focus is on mindfulness, calmness and satisfaction, which should be brought back into life with the support of the app.


This is also an app with guided meditations and tools to help you fall asleep better. The meditations are given in English by meditation and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe. There is now also a show of the same name on Netflix, in which viewers are also guided through various meditation exercises by Andy Puddicombe.

Mandala coloring pages

Meditative painting: Coloring mandalas is incredibly relaxing for many people. In this app you can color mandalas on your smartphone as you wish.

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