Abschminken – aber richtig

Take off your make-up – but do it properly

Yes, taking off makeup can be really annoying sometimes. But you should still pull yourself together every night before you go to sleep. It's not for nothing that the number one beauty sin is not going to bed with your make-up removed.

Not only do our bodies and minds rest at night, but our skin also uses the sleep phase to regenerate itself from the stresses of the day.

Dry skin flakes detach from the surface of the skin, the skin recovers from daily stress and at the same time new ones are formed - regeneration is in full swing at night!

However, all of this can only happen unhindered if our skin has been completely freed of make-up and dirt particles. If this is not the case, irritation or clogged pores may occur. The result: premature skin aging, blackheads and pimples. The skin of people living in the city in particular is exposed to many environmental influences and air pollution every day and requires particularly intensive attention when cleaning.

So: Daily make-up removal is essential for beautiful and healthy skin.

But it is also important that this is not just done superficially, but with the right care. You've probably already come across a term: double cleansing. Korean women have long sworn by this method, which gently but thoroughly removes dirt and environmental influences from your face.

Clean deep into the pores with the double cleansing method

Facial cleansing with Double Cleansing continues where cleansing with a conventional make-up wipe leaves off. While make-up removal wipes only reach the surface of the skin, the double cleansing method goes deeper and cleanses particularly intensively. Deep-lying dust, dirt and dead skin cells are guaranteed to be removed with this method and your skin will be clean right down to the pores.

But what is special about the method? The name Double Cleansing already gives it away: the secret lies in the two phases of cleansing, an oil phase and a foam phase.

In the first step, all oil-containing substances such as make-up and sebum are removed from your face with an oil balm. To do this, you rub it in your hands until it reaches body heat and gently massage it into your face. This massage is not only relaxing, but also stimulates your blood circulation. Then add a little water until a milky emulsion is created. You can now rinse off the oil-water mixture with a soft cloth or with clear water. Thanks to the gentle treatment with the oil, your skin does not dry out but remains soft and supple.

In the second step, the foam phase, deep-lying impurities are tackled. To do this, apply the foam thoroughly with your hands and then wash it off with clear, lukewarm water. Complete.

Your skin is now really thoroughly cleansed and can absorb the following care products particularly well, which increases their effect many times over.

If you use the double cleansing method regularly, your skin will become more even and your skin texture will improve significantly.

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