Ab in die Sauna

Off to the sauna

Winter time is sauna time. Especially when it's really cold outside, there's hardly anything nicer than spending a few hours in the sweat cabin. A sauna warms you up completely from head to toe and is good for the immune system and the skin!

Sweat yourself healthily

For Finns, sweating regularly is as normal as brushing our teeth. It is said that there are so many saunas in Finland that the entire Finnish population could theoretically visit a headlock at the same time without running into space problems. The reasons for this enthusiasm are clear, as repeated visits to the headlock have numerous positive effects on health. Due to the high temperatures, the skin temperature rises to up to 40 degrees and the core body temperature increases by one to two degrees. The blood vessels dilate and blood pressure drops. The heart now has to do full work, beats stronger and faster, and breathing increases. In fact, the heat affects our bodies like a moderate exercise program. To regulate his temperature, he starts sweating. At the same time, our muscles relax. But a comprehensive sauna visit is not complete with heat alone: ​​a complete sauna session includes subsequent cooling down in the form of cool air and the obligatory cold shower. The change between hot and cold has a very beneficial effect on the immune system. The immune system is strengthened - you get sick significantly less often. In addition, inflammatory processes in the body can be better regulated. Another advantage is the effect on the cardiovascular system. The alternation of hot air with cold air really gets our circulation going and heart problems can be prevented.

Beautiful firm skin

Bet that you will be showered with tons of compliments after a visit to the sauna? The high temperatures promote blood circulation and ensure that it is significantly better supplied with nutrients. The blood flow in the skin doubles. The result is impressive: you get a radiant, rosy complexion. In addition, the improved blood circulation removes pollutants much more quickly. In addition, the skin can retain more moisture than usual after a visit to the sauna, which counteracts the formation of wrinkles. As a result, our skin looks young and fresh after a visit to the sauna. By alternating between hot and cold alternating showers, you will not only be invigorated from head to toe, but your skin will also be tightened.

When you shouldn't go to the sauna

Even if the effect of saunas is consistently positive, there are a few exceptional cases in which a visit to the sauna is not recommended. A sweat cure can prevent colds, but if you're already feeling under the weather, it's better not to visit. It is also not advisable to go to the sauna after drinking alcohol or having a heart attack. People who suffer from heart failure or problems with their veins should first consult their doctor before visiting the sauna.

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